Why Choose TBM Inc.?

Why Choose TBM Inc.?

We believe working in a client environment is a collaborative process and progress is best achieved in partnerships, with focused delivery, to ensure customer success. This commitment to excellence in service of the client has provided us with the opportunity to serve as trusted advisors to multiple corporate and Federal clients.

Our Work Highlights

United States Patent and Trademark Office

  • Agile organization and strategy
  • Digital transformation and product management
  • Cloud, DevSecOps, AI/ML
  • TBM, benchmarking, unit costs

The Census Bureau (Census)

  • Data strategy, architecture, security, analytics
  • Better economic census quality using AI/ML
  • Citizen digital services using Agile, DevSecOps
  • Strategic partnerships across Federal Gov’t

Department of Justice (DOJ)

  • Agile PMO, security, analytics
  • Mission critical systems modernization
  • Digitization and records management
  • Data modernization and evolution

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

  • Enterprise Cloud strategy and setup
  • Application rationalization, migration, integration
  • Cloud data management and analytics
  • Data center consolidation and close-out

Transportation Security Administration

  • Modernization, transformation, and evolution
  • Enterprise solutions and data architecture
  • Emerging technologies, geospatial, biometrics
  • TBM and investment management

Environmental Protection Agency

  • Capital planning and investment control
  • Benchmarking, unit costs, business optimization
  • TBM and performance management
  • Enterprise architecture and Agile PMO

Federal Communications Commission

  • Digital readiness and transformation
  • Budget review and acquisition support
  • Agile PMO, TBM, financial management
  • Vendor performance management support

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